Possible Projects

  1. How does your scientific calculator computes $ \sin x$, $ \cos x$ and $ \log x$? Explain, and write a matlab code to compute these functions that uses only $ +$, $ -$, $ *$ and $ /$.
  2. Describe how Matlab helped during Mars Rover missions.
  3. Describe how numerical computing is used in movie animations, and tell us about how “Avatar” was made. Explain, why double precision is not enough for “Avatar”, and draw a simple animation using free software.
  4. Boeing corporation spends millions of dollars on computational fluid dynamics. Explain, why NumComp is useful for constructing planes, and give an example of real fluid dynamic calculation.
  5. Stock market modeling uses numerical computing extensively, please give a short presentation and predict the market for the day of numcomp final exam
  6. Numerical methods can be used to predict orbits of planets $ 10^6$ years from now, but the results are very sensitive to input data, initial conditions and system parameters. Explain, why.
  7. How to use interpolation to compress images